WPC embossing machine/PVC profile/wood panel embossing machine

WPC/PVC/wood panel embossing machine
Product Introduction: 

1. Embossing Width:360mm(Single or Double surface embossing)

2. Depth of the overall engraving: 0.4-0.7mm

3. Distance of two rollers:5-200mm

4. Diameter of embossing roller:295mm(The up and down adjustment of two rollers are adjusted by dual-driven gears)

5. Range of embossing speed:0.5-12m/min (VVVF)

6. Adjustment of embossing depth:automatic fine adjustment (when two boards are not of same thickness they can adjust automatically. Adjusting area: 0.1MM-0.4MM)

7. Heating power of rollers: 6KW (heated by the revolving conducting ring)

8. Main Power of machine: 3KW


More designed pattern can be chosen from our pattern designs catalogue.


WPC Embossing rollerWPC/PVC/Wood panel embossing machine