WPC On-line Embossing Method (New Solution to WPC Embossing)

    WPC embossing is usually finished by separate off-line embossing machine. But this embossing method still has many disadvantages. For example, the embossing depth is not enough for some strong 3D patterns; the embossing pattern can not wear-resistant. To solve these problems, KEYI develop a new WPC embossing method---On-line embossing method, which cooperates the embossing device with the WPC extruding production line. For PE embossing, embossing device can be placed after the extrusion die. For PVC and PS embossing, The embossing device can be places after the shape-forming. The new embossing method can greatly save time and cost. What’s more, it can be used for strong 3D pattern embossing and improve the function of wear-resistant. This embossing method has already been applied in some Chinese WPC factories, and receives so much favorable comments.