PVC Profile Embossing

PVC Profile Embossing Technique is designed for shaping PVC wallboard, which could be used in both interior and exterior decoration. All the effects can be fulfilled through special-designed embossing machine and roller. And our product has the following characteristics:


  1. Special-designed 3D relievo patterns. The effect of this pattern, especially the relievo wooden one, makes the PVC wallboard much more natural-like. Also the layered-effect and 3D effect turn out to be more significant, which is much more embraced by most of our clients. Basically, our machine and technique have solved the deep-embossing problems.


  1. Custom-made embossing solutions for shaped PVC wallboard. Our team would cooperate to provide special embossing solutions according to customers’ demands. Unlike most common rollers, usually the custom-made embossing rollers we make cater to the special-shaped PVC materials, so the final effect of the whole wallboard would be ensured.


  1. Custom-made size of embossing rollers. Size of PVC profile embossing machine and roller can also be special-designed according to clients’ demand for different decoration purpose. To some degree, the working mode of our custom-made machine would also improve the producing efficiency, which in turn, would help lower the produce cost for manufacturers.


The industry of WPC is expanding in an unpredictable pace, and the PVC wallboard with relieve wooden pattern would definitely be popular in the future decoration industry. Our embossing solutions intend to help WPC manufacturers enhance their business advantages in the fast-developing decoration industry.

PVC profile embossing

PVC wall board embossing

PVC foam panel embossing

PVC profile embossing