KY650D-1800D Embossing machine

Embossing machine
Product Introduction: 

It’s the ideal equipment for embossing on the surface of paper,cloth,plastic,and it can improve the grade of your products.


The machine can support the equipment of production line,and we equip the machine with oil heating or electric heating devices as the customs required.The shape of the machine is beautiful and the operation is convenient. 

[Main Technical parameters]

Type                                KY650C/850C           KY950D/1200D               KY1400D/1800D

Embossing speed            0-60m/min                 0-60m/min                      0-60m/min

Embossing width             650-850mm               950-1200mm                 1400-1800mm

Working pressure            0-25Mpa                    0-25Mpa                          0-25Mpa

Motor power                      1.5kw                         2.2-3kw                            3-4kw