KY150 Solid Wooden Skirting Line Antique Wood Pattern Embossing Machine

Solid wood skirting line embossing machine
Product Introduction: 

The machine is widely used for embossing on the solid wooden skirting lines, decorative strips, and various bamboo shutters, etc.

Embossing racks, variable-frequency governor, top and bottom roller heating devices, temperature controller, embossing rollers, electric cabinet, cycloidal pinwheel reduction box, pressure adjusting system, pressure self-protection and balance device, and pattern depth fine adjusting device.

[Main Technical Parameters]
Embossing width: 150mm (can be customized)
Diameter of embossing roller: 200mm – 400mm (can be customized)
Embossing speed: 1- 20m/min
Main power: 1.5KW
Roller heating power: 4KW

Solid Wood Skirting Line Embossing Machine

Solid Wood Skirting Line Embossing Machine